Chi Chapter - Meetings

Program Schedule

February - Queen of Hearts
March - TBD
April - Spring Fling

Meeting Agenda

6PM: Doors Open
6PM: Social Time
7PM: New Members Meeting
7PM: P.A.L.S.
8PM: Business Reports
8:15PM: Support Discussion
9PM: Program Event

50 Years
of Service

Upcoming Events

Chi Chapter holds meetings every month. The monthly meetings serve several functions for the organization:

• Business Reports are given by the officers,

• New Members are welcomed by VP of Membership and given an safe space to share,

• Wives and Significant Others may participate in the P.A.L.S meeting,

• All attendees participate in a support question and answer session,

• All attendees participate in the programmed event of the evening. The programmed event various throughout the year. Past events have included panel discussions, vendor presentations, fun and games night, etc.

If you are interested in attending your first Chi Chapter meeting, please call our info/message line to let us know your coming. The meetings are held at the Executive Training Center at the DoubleTree hotel in Oak Brook Illinois and if you wish you can use the private entrance.