About Chi Chapter

Chi Chapter has provided support to the transgendered community for over 40 years.

We welcome everyone of all ages

We welcome you to meet us and learn about us so you can dispel myths and ignorance associated with misperceptions of gender-gifted persons, and perhaps respond to our invitation to come join our group. Our Mission Our mission is to provide Service, Serenity and Support to all Transgender and their wife or significant partner.

Chapter Goals:

  • To hold meetings and social gatherings which allow our members to wear feminine attire in the company of others.
  • To provide members and their families with interesting educational and self-development/acceptance programs.
  • To come to a better understanding of our community.
  • To outreach to other transgendered and to the general public with information about our community so that others can better understand and accept us.

We provide...

A meeting Place:

  • A meeting place open to the public, where you can dress peacefully and maintain your confidentiality.
  • A supportive hosting staff that understands our needs.


  • Each member has a story of their transgendered experiences. Sharing them strengthens our spirits.
  • You meet people of all walks of life and make new friends.
  • Wives and significant others have a place to share too.
  • Friendly vendors help you create or improve your look.


  • A newcomers program welcomes first-timers in a small private group meeting. This helps calm the usual jitters about coming out. Wives and SO's meet together in a small private setting to discuss issues relevant to their relationship and Transgendered husband.
  • Outreach: We provide speakers to colleges, universities and other places willing to listen and understand the truth about us.
  • Guest Speakers: Several times a year we have acknowledged experts come to speak to us about gender related topics.
  • Panels: Our meeting programs also include some panel discussions where the experiences of others can be shared in an open forum.
  • Parties: We love to socialize en-femme. Our parties are a time to dress to the nines, have a meal together and enjoy entertainment and dancing.
  • Conventions: There is a local convention called Be-All where we come together for educational and social purposes.
  • Web sites: Our web site provides a wealth of additional information and chosen links to other web sites.
  • Counselor Connections: We can provide the names of counselors and therapists who understand the needs of our community.